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Since March, there have been more than 500 campus fires!

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Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college

Vocational and technical colleges, off-campus training institutions...

This kind of place is a place where teachers and students learn and live together

Fire safety must be attached great importance!

Campus fire safety situation is not optimistic

A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau introduced that 2024Between March 1 and May 27, there were 516 fires in schools across the countryThe total is up 2% from last year。"The fire safety situation on campus is not optimistic"。

From the place of fire, the fire in kindergartens and nursing institutions accounted for 15 percent of the total number of school fires.1 percent, primary school fires accounted for 16 percent of the total.Secondary school fires accounted for 25 percent of the total.8%, universities and vocational and technical colleges accounted for 33% of the total.7%, after-school training institutions, adult education institutions, special education schools, etc., accounted for 9% of the total.2%。


A number of school fires have caused concern this year

Case 1

"January 19" talent school dormitory fire

On the evening of January 19, a dormitory of Yingcai School in Yanshanpu Village, Dushu Town, Fangcheng County, Henan Province, caught fire.Thirteen people were killed,Four people were injured.


Case 2

"1·24" Xinyu training institution fire

On January 24, a store on a street in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Province, caught fire.Several students were killed at an educational and training facility in the same building


Case 3

"May 2" Henan University auditorium fire

At about 23:00 on May 2, a fire broke out in the auditorium of Minglun Campus of Henan University during renovation and construction, which had a significant impact。After The State Council safety committee to investigate the fire accident to implement the listing supervision。


Case 4

"May 25" Communication University of China dormitory fire

At about 6 o 'clock on May 25, a fire broke out in a dormitory on the first floor of Block D of the First phase of the Blue Student Apartment of Communication University of China。After preliminary verification, the fire is suspected to be caused by a charging treasure。


What are the major problems exposed

The head of the National Fire and Rescue Service said,Summarizing the causes and lessons of the school fire, the most important problems revealed are:
Some schools do not pay enough attention to fire safetyThe implementation of the main responsibility for fire safety is not in placeThere are loopholes in fire safety management, and fire safety self-inspection and self-reform are not thorough;
At the same time, it is also widespreadFire safety publicity, education and training are mere formalitiesStudents and staff are weak in fire safety awareness。

In case of fire

A fire escape is a life escape

Touch it and open the life channel!


How to prevent campus fire?

These fire safety knowledge should be kept in mind

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