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【万博体育】 Product innovation design team of Mechatronics College

June 13, 2024 10:41 Article/College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering/Press Office Guo Naili Click: []

Editor's note: Every scientific exploration, every educational practice, all start from the heart of that beam of light, they will be because of the same belief, the same ambition, interwoven into the spirit of the torch, shining bright earth。The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee implements the spirit of the third Party Congress of the school,Carry out in-depth front-line interviews and gathering work,Now open [backbone team recent results express] column,Focus on the latest achievements of the backbone teaching and research teams of each college,Vigorously promote the education concept of "educating people first" and "promoting the spirit of scientists.,Brave when the high level of science and technology self-reliance spearhead "scientific research concept,Salute every light in the hearts of HKUST!

Team leader introduction:

Ren Gongchang, Member of the Communist Party of China, Doctor of Engineering, second-level professor, doctoral supervisor, product innovation design team leader。He is currently the Vice chairman and invited expert of Shaanxi Innovative Methods Research Association, the multi-method industry expert of Guangdong Innovative Methods, and serves as the National Natural Science Foundation, China Postdoctoral Foundation and multi-provincial science and technology project review expert。His main research areas include product innovation design theory and application, intelligent robot technology, etc。In recent years,Won the second prize of provincial excellent teaching achievements,Provincial Graduate Education Association research education teaching achievement award 2,1 Science and Technology Award of Higher Education Institutions of Shaanxi Province;Won the provincial first-class undergraduate courses and curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses each 1;He has published more than 240 academic papers,More than 150 patents and software Copyrights were approved;Guided students to win more than 20 national awards in various discipline competitions。

Main projects of the team:

"Research on Key Technology of Intelligent Operation Robot with irregular Geometric Shapes and flexible Objects" (23ZDCYJSGG0016-2022)

Research on Resource Allocation Optimization of Large-scale Batch Processing Intelligent Manufacturing System Based on Time-weighted Petri Net (62373234)

Research on Productivity Evaluation and Resource Optimal Allocation of Automatic Manufacturing Systems Based on Temporal Petri Nets (61803246)

"Coupling Mechanism of Different Types of Errors and Measurement Guarantee Method of CNC Machine Tools under Unified Characterization of Field element feature vector" (52105556)

"Industrialization and Digital Intelligentization of Precision Measurement Technology for CNC Machine Tools and Functional Components" (2023GXLH-080)

"Research on Key Technology of Pharmaceutical Distribution Robot" (2022GY-250)

"Roller life Management and Development of visual measurement System" (Hanjiang Machine Tool, horizontal)

Project Introduction:

The team is committed to promoting the application of industrial robots in the light industry and textile industry, and helping the digital transformation and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry。Taking leather in the textile industry as the main research object, the team carried out research on key technologies for intelligent operation robots for non-structured sheet soft objects。The main research includes the development of robot control strategies for specific manipulators of non-structured sheet soft objects such as leather, the design of highly adaptable end-effectors, and the optimization of computer vision systems to improve the accuracy of object detection and recognition。By integrating end-effector, visual recognition, and robotic arm control technologies, the team designed a robot that can meet the intelligent operation needs of non-structured sheet soft objects。This research not only breaks through the limitations of traditional robot technology, but also overcomes the cutting-edge problems in the field of robot technology。It also provides a solid theoretical basis for the wide application of intelligent robots in light industry and textile industry。The research results have significant application prospects. With the deepening of the research, the team expects to further promote it and apply it to more types of irregular sheet soft material operation, bringing new opportunities for the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry。At present, the research results of the project have published more than 20 academic papers and obtained more than 10 authorized patents。

Intelligent operation robot of non-structured sheet soft object

A message to young teachers of the school to carry out good scientific research:

College teachers shoulder the responsibility of personnel training, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation, and should have two abilities: education, teaching and scientific research。To carry out scientific research is to serve the needs of the country and local economic development, and the second is to feed the teaching, morality and people。I wish young teachers fruitful scientific research and continuous improvement of the quality of education

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