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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (College of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot Engineering) of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology originated from the light industrial machinery major established by Beijing Institute of Light Industry in 1958。The college has more than 160 teaching staff, including 74 senior titles, 75 doctoral and master's supervisors, and nearly 30 people with Shaanxi provincial talents and honorary titles;Shaanxi science and technology innovation team 1, Shaanxi University youth innovation team 2;Shaanxi Province teaching team 6。The school has 1 doctorate in mechanical engineering and 2 master's degree programs in mechanical engineering, Power engineering and engineering thermophysics.Mechanical engineering is one of the key disciplines in Shaanxi Province。The college has 1 national first-class major, 1 national characteristic major, 3 first-class majors in Shaanxi Province, and 3 international engineering education certification majors。It has 4 national first-class courses and 1 national video open course。

The college has scientific research and teaching platforms such as China Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing of Light Industry Equipment, China Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Center of Special Equipment for Light Industry, and Shaanxi University Engineering Research Center of high-end Automatic Machinery and Intelligent MEMS。In recent years, teachers have undertaken more than 350 scientific research projects,Among them, more than 120 items at the national and provincial levels;He won 10 scientific and technological awards,Among them, 5 items are at the provincial and ministerial level;Published more than 800 SCI, EI and high-level papers;More than 20 books;More than 200 authorized invention patents;More than 600 technical service enterprises。