College leader
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姓名职务Office locationOffice telephoneElectronic mailDivision of work
Ge Zhenghao院长316A86168299gezh@万博体育.edu.cnPreside over the administration of the college
Xia Xianglin书记315A86168812xiaxl@万博体育.edu.cnPresided over the work of the college Party committee
Yang Lijunsubdean31686168810yanglijun@万博体育.edu.cnIn charge of scientific research, graduate students, academicians studio work, laboratory work
Yuan Yuejinsubdean31686168810yuanyj@万博体育.edu.cnIn charge of undergraduate teaching and discipline construction
Keng Ma LiangDeputy secretary
Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Chairman of the Trade union
315A86168300jingmaliang@万博体育.edu.cnIn charge of ideological and political education of college students, work of discipline inspection committee and trade union work
He NairuAssistant dean31686168578henairu@万博体育.edu.cnIn charge of the school's international exchange work, to assist undergraduate teaching, subject construction work